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A tour operating company with packaged trips deeply rooted in southwestern Uganda's cultures, peoples, wildlife and the landscape.

Drifting in this beautiful wilderness, deeply connected with life, culture, and landscape.

When in Africa, you are free to imagine. You leave behind all sense of obligations, commitments, time and drift in its beautiful wilderness. There's a sense of primal sort of connection and instinct that pervades your senses. Your hearing is sharper, your site is more vivid, you connect with day-to-day life. You don't even notice this feeling of connection.

It is not just on the African plains. It's in the undulating mountains, hiking the mountains of the moons, wading through the waves and inhaling the rift valley air. It's out in the rainforest mountains, in that jaw-dropping landscapes, walking with apes or sitting silently beside a giant silverback, eating the food, drinking the wine, experiencing the colonial, the Arab, the African English influence.

It's almost defined that we can't put words into what that experience is going to be because every person's experience is something different. But everyone reconnects with themselves in Africa, and it's an incredibly powerful and emotional experience.

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Our Story

We came to Kisoro, southwestern Uganda, in 2004 to track the first habituated gorilla family. We instantly fell in love with the rural landscape, the people, conservation programs, and everything connected to gorilla tourism. We opened up a coffee shop in the access town of Kisoro and called it Gorilla Junction. We have grown up here with the people and the wildlife all around us, and that's what spurred my love for the Kigezi rugged southwestern region of Uganda and her gifts of nature.

Our promise

When you come from Africa, you never stop wanting to share it. Africa is a harsh, harsh place, but I also know it to be a place of warmth, ingenuity, passion, and incredible beauty.

When you come to Africa with us, it's all about letting go of logistics and leaving that to us. It's a hassle-free experience; you do not have to think. From the moment you land at Entebbe Airport, we will take care of every single detail so you can just get on and enjoy the experience—a feeling we cannot simply put into words for you.

Community &

We have been at the forefront of our industry in developing sustainable eco-tourism, working closely with our local communities to promote the conservation and sustainable management of the magnificent wildlife and local cultures within the areas in which we operate. At GJ's, we aim to offer you an unforgettable, traditional safari experience, introducing you to Uganda's magnificent wildlife, unspoiled scenery, and colorful people. The GJ's experience is truly unique and will touch your soul forever. 

We recognize that to conserve Africa's unique cultures and wild areas; local communities must be able to identify the direct benefit they get from tourism. Working closely with our local communities through our official Gorilla Junction foundation, we are helping to improve the standards of their education and health care for the benefit of future generations and finding innovative and sustainable solutions to meet their energy needs and reduce our environmental impact. Please see more on our Community & Conservation page.


When time is the ultimate luxury, the wealth of the experience is really the freedom within it.

And to be able to have that, one has to design and deliver these trips with some sort of arch to them. The network of people we bring together to form the fabric of this experience is extensive, and it's hand-picked. Be it a personal driver or private guide, these are relationships that extend many, many years. We understand our clients and their expectations and want to share Africa how they want to enjoy it.

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Africa safari is kind of like a homecoming, a reminder of where we come from. It is one of the last remaining areas on our planet with wild animals that have lived for thousands and thousands of years.